Comcast High-Speed Internet Service

Comcast Cable

XFINITY® Internet from the nations largest Internet broadband provider. XFINITY triple play includes popular TV, Internet and Phone service for a cheap monthly price.

Named by PC MAG as the fastest internet, Comcast, with headquarters in Philadelphia, PA, is available in many states and currently has over 14 million Internet subscribers.

Some of the features and speeds you will get when subscribing to Xfinity from Comcast:

Constant Guard - a comprehensive suite of online protection that includes Norton™ Security, Secure Backup & Share and IDENTITY GUARD which shields you from identity theft.

Power Boost - Fast speeds, lightning fast downloads, even with the whole family on at the same time! These are just a few samples of the benefits of Xfinity Internet.

Faster than DSL - Surf the Internet, download movies, watch TV, chat with friends, up to 4 times the speed of DSL! Yes Xfinity from Comcast is blazing fast!

Comcast Broadband Internet Speed

Download speeds from 10-25 Mbps with PowerBoost® from Xfinity. Super fast rocket speeds to 20 Mbps with upgrade package, which will give you the fastest internet in town!

Performance Internet - Comes with download speeds as fast as 15 Mbps and is usually sufficient for most people, surf the web, download pictures, movies, etc.

Blast Extra - Dial it up with Xfinity Blast extra with Speeds faster than Performance with downloads up to 25 Mbps! Best deal from Comcast Broadband!

Xfinity Internet 2go

Wireless Internet that gives you the ability to stay connected, on the go and when your away from home. Just power on your mobile device or Hotspot and your connected to lightning fast speeds on the information super highway!

Connect in 3G or 4G speed

Nationwide 3G mobile wireless Internet coverage

Ultra fast 4G speeds, plus coast to coast 3G coverage

Xfinity Internet 2go 3g 4g coverage map

Check coverage map and availability here : Comcast Cellmaps

These are just some of the small features and benefits of ordering Comcast High-Speed Internet service. Broadband from Comcast can also be packaged together to form a bundle, Phone - Internet and Cable TV, which included together is cheaper than just stand alone Internet.

With 24/7 customer support, a connection that is "always on", award winning service, Internet service from Comcast which includes Digital TV, Digital Phone and fast Internet is a great choice for your and your family!

Check for Broadband in your area from Comcast and other providers at our coverage page for Internet availability or go to our home page for DSL Broadband prices.