ADSL vs Fibre Optic Broadband Internet

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Fibre optic broadband is quickly becoming the standard for high-speed broadband Internet connections. Although ADSL networks are still the most commonly used in the UK, most major providers now offer fibre optic cable Internet and are steadily expanding their coverage areas. Here is a comparison of fibre optic broadband and ADSL broadband so you can see if it’s time for you to make the switch. continued >>


Problems With Satellite Television

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For the right price, which is usually rather high, you can have complete access to all of the channels that your local satellite television provider delivers. However, you will most likely watch about ten to twenty percent of the channels provided, making for a major savings potential if you were to cancel the channels that you don’t watch. Aside from the monetary issues with satellite television, other possible problems with satellite television include your channel reception possibly being adversely affected by the connectivity between the satellite dish and the receiver, as well as by the weather. continued >>

Tags: is now live and offering T1 Quotes

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Head over to and compare prices from T1 providers that provide T1 Line services. DS3 and metro ethernet quotes are available as well for Business Internet, including DSL and Broadband. continued >>

Samsung note 3 kit kat 4.42 upgrade battery drain

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My recent upgrade to kit kat 4.42 on my Samsung note 3 smartphone has caused my battery to drain and not even last the day. continued >>

Google to deliver faster internet

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Broadband service in the United states is slow and very expensive, but will competition from Google get Americans the Internet speeds they want? continued >>

Higher speeds for broadband?

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FCC is looking to set higher minimum standards for broadband. The definition hasn’t been updated since 2010 when it was 786kbps. continued >>