Verizon Internet DSL/FIOS Review

Verizon Internet FIOS

Verizon Internet offers both DSL and FIOS (Fiber Optics) Internet service for customers nationwide. High Speed Internet powered by DSL technology reaches download speeds of up to 15 mbps, and FIOS which is Verizon's feature offering peaks at an impressive 150 Mbps.

Prices vary from $14.99 for residential users to as high as $194.99 monthly for customers and business in need of faster Internet.


Verizon DSL offers high value for your money at only 14.99 per month subscription. Unlike cable you get a dedicated line so your Internet connection wont slow down at peak hours just when you need the faster speed like cable tends to do. You also can choose their DSL enhanced service which is faster then basic for an additional cost.

High speed Internet enhanced includes:

Wifi hotspot access- So you can surf  the web without wires at home or on the run.

9 email accounts, 10 MB individual Web Space - Enough for you and the whole family.

Wireless router free, new installs - A 139.99 value is yours absolutely free from Verizon.

24/7 support - Verizon support is second to none when you need help with an issue.

Verizon Bundles

Every Verizon Internet plan can be bundled with Home phone and TV service. You can choose DIRECTV, which includes many channels and shows like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz free for 3 months and access to dozens of other quality HD channels.


If your ready to move into the fast lane then FIOS is for you. With blazing speeds from 15-150 Mbps, Fios from Verizon has you covered. Named the fastest Internet by PC magazine 6 years running, Fiber optics Internet leaves cable and DSL in the dust.

No costs for Install: Activation and installation fees are waived. You also get a wireless router at no cost, protect yourself from viruses and intruders with a top notch router from Verizon Internet.

Current FIOS Deals:

15/5 Mbps - Starting at $54.99 per month

25/25 Mbps - Starts at $74.99 per month

50/20 Mbps - Currently $144.95 monthly

These plans require a 1 year commitment and don't include taxes and fees.

Double Play

Combine Fios Internet with TV Extreme HD which includes 315+ crystal clear channels for $74.99 per month. Order premium double play for faster Internet speeds and 460+ channels for only $114.99.

Triple Play

Include Phone service with your Fios Internet and Television service and get Triple play from Verizon. Plans start at $79.99 and go to $119.99 for the best package Verizon has to offer. Some of these packages offer a price guarantee so see Verizon for more details.

Verizon FIOS is available in many states like Texas, New York, California, Florida and others, so look for Fios latest availability or use our Instant price search tool here.